Monday, 3 June 2013

Vegas Predictions

My poker playing has been non-existent recently and instead I've been getting used to the 9-5 grind. I'm currently on placement as part of my degree so I'm getting a taste of the office lifestyle. In general, I think poker players are fairly anti-establishment but I'll reserve judgement for the moment - expect a blog further down the line though!

So like all other poker fans, I'll be eagerly keeping up to date with the happenings of the WSOP the next few weeks and especially the results of the Irish. The nature of these type of blogs are 'well who are you to say that?' so the disclaimer here is that no credence should be put into anything I say and I don't even know if all these players are going to Vegas, how long they'll be in Vegas, and what they plan on playing, so take it all with a pinch of salt! So, without further ado my Irish picks for the 2013 WSOP:

Dara O'Kearney
Prediction: to win a bracelet

I think there's very few poker players out there with a greater work ethic than Doke and as Thomas Jefferson once said "The harder I work, the luckier I get". I just have a feeling this could be the series where luck falls Dara's way and he comes home with a bracelet. 

Liam O'Donoghue
Prediction: to play in a PLO game where the big blind is $100
Another year older and wiser, I'm sure Liam will be going out to Vegas confident. Live cash is probably Liam's strongest game so I wouldn't be surprised if he gets off to a good start and eventually ends up in a really big PLO game. I think Liam's biggest strength is that he's relentless when he's winning. He'll never call it a day and quit a winner if he thinks he's in a good game. If he thinks he can, he'll try to win every chip on the table.

Sean Prendiville 
Prediction: to win another $198k in Vegas

If you're at any given Irish tournament and you ask the regulars for a top 5 of the best all-round Irish tournament players, there's a good chance Sean will feature in the answer, with many rating Sean as number one. Fresh off a $198k score in the SCOOPs, Sean has the talent, the bankroll and the form to have a very successful summer in Vegas.

John O'Shea
Prediction: to win the Powerball

What more can be said about John O'Shea? John has said that whatever happens, there's a good chance 2013 could be his last year as a 'professional gambler'. He's not one to shy away when he thinks he has an edge, so expect the World Series to be high variance for him. I'm opting for positive variance this year and a fairytale end to his career if this is indeed the end. 

Jason Tompkins
Prediction: to make the November Nine

Jason has proven time after time that he can perform on the big stage. Final tables in the WSOP, EPT, Sunday Million, UKIPT and High Rollers, Jason's done it all so I'm going to predict a deep run in the biggest one of all, the Main Event.

Daragh Davey
Pediction: to final table three events

My spidey senses tell me Daragh is going to make 3 final tables, I just don't know which ones. Daragh's a very well balanced player and excels in several games and several forms of poker ranging from online 2-7 cash games to live NLHE tournaments. This kind of versatility can only help when you settle into the grind of live poker. 

Fergal Nealon
Prediction: to win a bracelet

Well, I started this list with an Irish bracelet win, might as well end it with an Irish bracelet win. Fergal is a model pro and has put in the hours over the years. I'm hoping all those hours are going to pay off and he's going to use his experience, skill and that west of Ireland winning mentality to produce the goods and bring home the bacon!

Good luck to everybody lucky enough to playing poker in Las Vegas this summer!

(photos taken from various sources including Facebook, Twitter, PokerStars blog, Poker Listings, and IrishPokerBoards)