Thursday, 21 March 2013

Nordmennene er lyd gutter

To be honest, the title is completely google translated so I dunno if it actually makes sense in Norwegian.

It's roughly at the half-way point of the Norwegian Championships and it's been an absolutely phenomenal event. Tables and tables and tables of poker players playing poker.

The occurrence at pretty much every table I've sat at this week is the assumption that I'm Norwegian until I start speaking. When someone asks me a direct question though, the jig is usually up and I have to admit I'm Irish. When one player realised I was Irish, he asked me what I thought of Norwegian poker players. I replied that the Norwegians are very nice people (which they are). He chuckled and said: you are here to take Norwegian fish's money so? I replied "at least the Norwegians have money to lose, the Irish don't even have any money!"

And that in essence is why the Norwegian Championships is such a massive boost to the Irish poker calendar. It's not necessarily that Norwegians are bad poker players, it's more that there just isn't any money in Ireland these days. At any given festival (perhaps Irish Open excluded), generally, you'll find a few small 1/2 NLHE games and maybe a couple of decent sized PLO or 2/5 hold 'em games. At the Norwegian Championships, it's looking like 10 days of non-stop action with good cash games running around the clock. In addition to this, you've dozens of tournaments to choose from if you're so inclined.

My own results so far have been mixed with the bottom line being in the red. I've played 6 cash sessions and 5 tournaments so far. If you're to look at it from a strictly hourly-rate point of view, there's probably almost no point playing the tournaments. My reason for playing the tournaments is nothing more complicated than I like to play live tournaments.

I've made some mistakes in the tournaments so far and definitely am not happy with how I've been playing. I made a similar mistake in two omaha hands in two different tournaments. Simple advice like take your time and think is often the answer in a lot of cases and I think if I had done this, I wouldn't have made these mistakes. It's not been all bad as I did manage to chop the ROE turbo heads-up. This result has been just about the only saving grace this week!

I decided the bring back the lucky green Celtics top for St. Patricks Day

More worrying than perhaps playing below par in the tournies has been the cash games. I've played 6 cash sessions and only won once (and a small win at that). I haven't been running great but I'm always hesitant to blame losing on bad luck. I've got my money in twice this week drawing to one out (set over set in PLO). In both spots, I think it's tough to avoid to going broke, so do I just chalk it up to bad luck?

I'm not really sure tbh. I haven't felt I've been on top of my game at all times this week. Yesterday especially, I didn't feel great at all and decided to call it a day early and take today off. 
The festival is only heating up though, so there's plenty of time to get some money back yet! Day 1A of the Norwegian Championship main event was today so I expect today until Saturday to be the busiest days of the festival. There's a €350 8max tomorrow that I think I will play and we'll see from there. 

The title by the way translates to "The Norwegians are sound lads". I have to say, every Norwegian I've met this week without exception (and I've surely sat with 100 unique players so far this week) has been well mannered and nice. I'm also somewhat astounded that every Norwegian seems to have absolutely perfect English. There's been some funny conversations this week with the Norwegians. One Norwegian was talking to an Irish player and said to him "Bono, he has a great reputation in Norway", "Bono? He's a tosser", "You are not the first Irishman I hear to say that. Two taxi drivers, a delaer, the bar man, they all also say Bono is a c*nt!"


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