Saturday, 16 March 2013

Continuing from where we left off...

I meant to write a follow on from the last blog a bit sooner but didn't quite get around to it!

Well unfortunately, Cookie Jar Carr just fell short and finished in 36th place in the 7th Anniversary Sunday Million. For 36th, Carrie got $8800. A nice touch indeed, but with $1.2mil up top, you can't help but wonder what may have been. He went out on a flip for average stack as his AK couldn't outrun pocket fives. The flip must have been worth AT LEAST $100,000 in equity, so it was a pretty sick one to lose.

Afterward, Nicky Power remarked on Twitter "probably for the best, the 1.2 probably would've killed you".

Paul came 3rd for $2500 in a tournament the night after. I text him saying, "jesus, that $10k could cover a trip to Vegas for a week or two this summer". He text back saying "ya for most people, for me it would probably last about two hours!".

The week after Cork was the Super Poker Event. I wasn't aware till 3 levels in, but the Super was actually a re-entry. 11 minutes before re-entries closed, I picked up aces in the BB. DK Lappin's favourite poker player opened to 1100 from the HJ, the button flatted, I made it 4k. Both players called and the flop came TT4hh. I check, HJ bets 10400, button folds and I shove for 14k total. The HJ calls and I'm up against 89hh. The heart hits on the river forcing me to make the decision as to whether to re-enter or not.

I decided to re-enter but was bust again a few hours later. Playing 24k, I limp the button with K9dd and it's 5 way to AxJdTd flop. The BB leads for 2k followed by two calls. There's 11k in the pot, so I decide to (effectively) shove 20k. The BB calls and so does one more player! I knew when the 2nd player called it had the be the dreaded Ax of diamonds. It's an avoidable spot - you could argue the limp pf with 30BBs is bad - but I'm fine with how I played it.

After the Super Event I was back down to Limerick and back up to Belfast the next day. I was in Belfast for the week with UL soccer team in my role as assistant manager. Unfortunately, the tournament didn't go brilliantly and we had to settle for a place in the Plate final. That weekend I was back representing UL in poker at the Student Masters.

I won this event in 2011 but had a disaster last year after having come within 500 metres of the venue, and then managing to take a wrong turn and not arrive for another 2 hours. It was probably the most tilting drive of my life to date. So after last year's disaster I was determined to give it a good go this year. Unfortunately it wasn't to be and I ended coming 29th of 148 runners with 18 getting paid.

I'll leave it there for now. It's a really big two weeks for poker in Ireland with the JP/Norwegian Masters and the Irish Open taking place. I'm planning on writing another blog very soon looking forward to the next few weeks so hopefully I'll get that done over the next day or two. For now though, it's off to Dublin for the first session at the Norwegian Championships...hopefully I'll be a in good enough mood to write a blog when I get home :-)


  1. Should probably include a dictionary of poker terms with each post. I think I saw a K9dd fighting an AxJdTd in the last Star Wars film

    1. Why are you reading through a poker blog if you don't understand the basic terminology?

    2. I still enjoy it even if I can't understand everything he writes. Just a few definitions or links to poker dictionaries would be helpful!

  2. K9dd = king-nine of diamonds. AxKdTd means the king and ten on the flop were diamonds but the ace was not (so it meant I flopped a king high flush draw)