Thursday, 7 February 2013

Sure if you don't chance it, you can't win

I can't complain. I've been finding myself saying that a lot lately when asked 'how is the poker going?'

It definitely hasn't been going swimmingly but at the same time it's not like I'm on a monster downswing that I feel I will never see the end of. So in short, I can't complain.

After some debate with myself, I decided to go with some high(er) variance decisions to start 2013 and decided to play three MTTs in February. Grinding and low variance is all well and good, but I'm at a stage where poker winnings are covering life expenses but there isn't an awful lot left over to add to the bankroll. With this in mind, I decided to play a package that included the Euro Deepstack, UKIPT Cork and the Super Poker Event. It's not really far off applying the gigabet block theory to bankroll management - taking a shot may theoretically be a bad idea with regard to variance etc. but it's not really going to impact my financial situation all that much, whereas if I bink, it could change it massively. Vegas would definitely be in the back of mind here too. Realistically, a medium-large MTT score will be needed if I want to carry out the Vegas assault that I would have envisaged.

I felt the three choosen tournaments were all such good value with such good prizes (I'd assume all with €40k+ for first, which, unfortunately, is becoming rarer and rarer in Ireland) that it was too good to turn down. I did sell 50% of myself, but even so, the prize pools are big enough to really have a chance at a decent touch.

Anyway, as a wise man once told me, business plans are all well and good but they're not worth a wank unless you can deliver!

Thus far in 2013, I've played 2 live tournaments. The first in Clane was largely uneventful. I didn't really pick up a hand in the first 6 levels on Friday and then bust out after 15 minutes on day 2 getting it in with AQ on a QhJx9x board versus Kh5h for a slightly above average stack.

The deepstack was also a struggle as I managed to bust day 1. I faced a tough decision in the second level and felt I had to play a very big pot which ended up costing me 40% of my stack. Due to the large starting stack, there was always the possibility of a recovery. I grinded a 20k-25k stack for the rest of the day but just never got any good hands or good spots. The day drew to a close when I lost half my remaining stack with a set vs a flush (I flopped the set in a multi-way pot and was sure this was going to be my oppurtunity to double and get back in the game!). Not long after, I shoved my remaining 17BBs into the pot with JT over an open and two flats. The last caller ended up flatting with AK and insta-called. The king in the window didn't leave much of a sweat and I was outa there.

I was disappointed to bust as it really is a great tournament to get a run in. I also feel bad when I have investors and can't get a result. Generally, I don't think my game changes too much whether I have investors or not (which is a good thing!), but I do feel worse when I bust. I guess it's only human nature to feel bad when you feel you're after letting someone down.

After getting home the Saturday after busting the deepstack, I saw my granny. She asked me 'How'd you get on?'. After letting her know it didn't quite go to plan she replied with 'Ah sure if you don't chance it, you can't win'

UKIPT Cork just around the corner. I'm gona chance it...and I'm gona win!

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  1. Listen to your Gran Jamie,your investors know what they are investing in and that getting very deep in big MTT fields is tough going but you are seriously well capable of it with the winning of a few flips here and there,Keep her lit Timmy