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Some cash action, throwing away €4600 and a tragic loss

I've been thinking about changing the style of this blog a bit. So far, it's mainly been tourney reports with a few other things thrown in. I've been thinking about spicing the blog up a bit and throwing in some more random stuff. This could be anything from more pictures and links within blog posts, to extra blog posts about stories that don't quite fit into any other one blog post. We'll see how it goes, but hopefully it'll make the blog a bit more interesting to read.

The Norweigan Poker Championships has been taking place over the last ~10 days in the City West in Dublin. The event kicked off with the JP Poker Masters last weekend. The tournament drew 88 players and the general consensus was it was probably the toughest field ever assembled in Ireland. My buddy Peter "Knuckles" Higgins managed to take it down so big well done to him.

Interview with Knuckles from about 1.15

The above video is the new UKI Poker Show presented by Iain Cheyne (forgot to say, short interview with me from 7.03 in episode 4!). I think the show is a fantastic idea and it's something that actually would encourage new players to play in bigger tournaments. It's professionally made with enough entertainment and information to appeal to the recreational players and the serious players. Huge credit to Iain, and hopefully the show and his other media projects continue to go from strength to strength.

I haven't made it up to the Norweigan Poker Championships myself yet, despite planning on heading up today. The plan was to leave around 6pm, arrive for the €150 ROE each tourney at 8pm, and then play cash for the rest of the night. A few pals, one of whom who has been out of the country for the last year, called round at about 4pm. They knew I was heading away at 6, but when the subject turned to football trivia, that pretty much finished the idea of leaving at 6pm. The question that stumped me was: Who is the only player to score a hat-trick in the FA Cup, the Premier League, and the Champions League, all with the same club?

By the time we finally got the answer to that question it was 7pm and the ROE tourney was no longer on the cards. Instead the plan changed to watching the Munster-Leinster match and the Barca-Ath Bilbao match. When all was said and done, it was almost midnight, so I decided to pass on heading up for some cash action.

Tomorrow is the last day of the festival but I think I'll head up then anyway. The action seems to be crazy so hopefully there's still some money floating about at the end of a long, and by all accounts extremely successful, 12-day festival.

Some tweets describing the cash action during the week:

Going to miss these vikings,1-2 game and guy decides to ship 750 blind til he busts it, then reloads and goes again!

It just went 2-5-10-20-40-80-160 and on to me and I shove for 2.2k lols... Awaiting results....
... A high scoops cha ching... Only got the short stack tho but all d dead money #yumyum

In a €1-€2 plo game in citywest battling the Vikings again. Avg stack €2k #normal #rungoodrequired

Since my last post, I've been playing a bit of poker and it's been going ok for the most part. I've been playing a bit of cash in Limerick and been running fairly well so hopefully things will continue like that. I also played the PPP super-sat for the Irish Open with 30 packages guaranteed. With 47 left I was coming 20/47. Playing 25BBs, I ended up calling off all my chips from the SB with AK following a C/O shove. The C/O had 33 and held. It was sick not to win the race as it was effectively a €4600 pot but I was pretty pissed off at my play in the hand (my tweets following this were evidence of that!). I realised I probably had to win at least one more decent pot to be guaranteed a package. That said, if I fold, I can probably win these pots without showdown (the table wasn't too tough, so I probably could pick a few spots to maintain my chip stack without much drama). However, by calling, I guarantee myself having to win a showdown if I want to win a ticket. It's a big mistake to make at such a crucial time in a tournament, and the simple advice I have for myself is to just slow down and think about everything before making big decisions deep in tournaments. One mistake really can ruin a whole tournament, so think long and hard before you put all your chips across the line when you're deep in a tournament.

Not winning that package was pretty sickening as it definitely was the best spot to grab an Irish Open ticket. As it stands now, I'll probably play the 10-seat guaranteed on Wednesday night on PPP and maybe the live satellite the night before the main event starts on Thursday. If I fail to bink a seat in either of those, I doubt I'll be playing the Irish Open this year. I still hope to be around the Burlington at some stage over the weekend, because as I've said before, the atmosphere is second to none.

I'm going to finish this blog on a sad note. News came in during the week that a regular member of Fitzpatrick Casino, Francis Kenny, died whilst on holiday in Las Vegas.
I didn't know Francis very well but I had played with him a few times in the club. Any time I played with him he seemed like a very pleasant and respectable type of guy, a gentleman. There's not much I can say other than my deepest sympathies to his friends and family. The following post was made by Alan Martin during the week on IPB:

Its being a surreal couple of days.
Francis arrived in the club not really knowing anyone. We got to know him quickly. Limp and call any raise, he was as likely to show up with aces as J3 sooted. You never knew where you were with him in the hand but he loved the game.
Francis was very quite for a long time. Before christmas he arrived down on the break for a pint (had never been before) and sat and listened with his pint and peanuts without ever saying a word. The next night he had a few comments and he grew confident in company and banter over the next couple of nights. It did however take him at least a couple of weeks before he bought a round .
When Vegas was suggested and around 15 punters declared an intrest, Francis asked could he go. 15 quickly turned to 4 and for the last couple of months its being brought up every night about the plans. He became a bigger part of the community. The slagging was great. "The Hangover part 3, with old guys"  Francis was our Alan.
A quick Francis story. He had got a 2nd passport (after losing the 1st one) but could not find it. He did however find the original lost one and entered all those details into the system for his Visa. As you can imagine he was refused. A 3rd passport and another application and letter and eventually he got his clearance.
I met him the day before he went. He excitedly told me he had x amount in Sterling (Manchester stop over), x dollars and that he was going to buy clothes but would be coming back with more than he had from the tables. He also promised a chip..
The lads will be coming back over the coming days god willing. 
Rip Francis, the most fearful limper I have met.

R.I.P. Francis Kenny

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