Monday, 16 April 2012

little bit of cash action in Norway

Tried to fit this post in at the start of the Irish Open post but obviously waffled on for way too long so decided to put it in its own post. My time at the Norweigan Poker Championships:

I did play twice since my last post and the first day of the Irish Open. A few hours after my last post, I headed up to the City West for the final day of the Norweigan Poker Championships. Between college and some other commitments I was pretty tied up the previous 12 days so didn't make up it up during the peak of the festival. Still, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. My first hold 'em table wasn't exactly bad, but it definitely wasn't as crazy action filled as I had expected. The first few hours were swingy with several coolers. I got off lightly on the last cooler (A2 v TT on a T22 flop, thankfully the turn came a T also, so I managed to get away without losing my whole stack) and decided to switch it up and play some PLO. If the NLHE table lacked crazy action, the PLO was worse, it was 8 handed, and I wouldn't have been surprised to hear that 5 of them were pros. The game was very disciplined and there was definitely no easy money. Being somewhat in shock (I spent the entire week prior hearing about money and lunatics), I managed to run well after losing my first bullet and came out with a profit.

It was after 3am and the hold 'em table behind was starting to sound a bit rumbustious. I decided to give one last shot at playing with some crazy Norweigans and thankfully I found them. It was classic enough drunken play with players happy to gamble. Getting stacks in pre-flop with 87o etc wasn't exactly the norm, but it wasn't uncommon either. The game played very slowly (as is common with drunken games) as a few players were taking 5 minutes to make a decision every hand. Personally, I don't really mind this as it's a trade-off for the game you're in. If people are there and basically giving their money away, I'd rather 15  hands an hour in that game rather than 30 hands an hour in a much tougher game. I guess it's personal preference, but some people get very annoyed at drunk players. People acting slowly and generally being a mess isn't ideal obviously, but if it effects you that much, leave the game. Otherwise, suck it up and continue playing in the +EV game. The point at which I draw the line is if drunk people start getting abusive, either to dealers or other players. I can stand people acting slowly, loudly or messily, but being drunk is definitely no excuse for being abusive.

Anyway, that rant aside, I didn't pick up a card in the drunken hold 'em game and ending bleeding about €150 away. It was literally just blinds and calling pf (with hands such as KQ etc - ie hands not strong to just shove it all in pf with). I did get it in once with ATs but ran into the top of my opponents range (ATo).

When all was said and done, I came away €100 euro poorer, losing in the two softer games, and winning in by far the toughest game. It was a pity I couldn't make it up during the main festival but hopefully it'll be back in 2013.

Also, I was obviously confused for a Norweigan for most of the night. It reminded me of a few years ago playing cash at the Irish Open when I pretended to be a Swede who couldn't understand English. After playing with a Dubliner for much of the night, I put some bad beat on him. Following the hand (and believing I was a non-English speaking scandi) he started bitching and insulting me. The dealer (who had recently just arrived at the table) looked at him and told him to relax a little bit. He simply replied "Ah it doesn't matter what I say, he can't even fucking understand me!"

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