Monday, 16 April 2012

Irish Open 2012 - part 1

The Easter weekend of 2012 was spent like every Easter weekend should be spent, poker-ing it up.

I arrived up at the Burlington late Thursday night and ended up staying the full weekend till Monday evening. For the craic, I've decided to give an almost "session-by-session update" of my weekend, along with thoughts on the session. Unfortunately, since there were a good few sessions, I won't remember all the specifics from hands. I jotted down a few of the bigger hands following a session in my phone, so most of these are based on four-line summaries of 6 hour sessions.

The "calm" before the storm

The night before the festival began (ie Wednesday night) I played the €330 satellite on PPP. I got off to another good start but unfortunately lost a 3-way all-in with AAvAKsvQQ for the chip lead. If memory serves, the pot was for about 30k with about 80 left (13 got tickets with a 50k stack being a comfortable stack to guarantee a ticket). As it happened, I still won the side pot and was still left with an average stack. Nothing really went well after that though, and I ended up shoving 30BBs over a 3x open with AQ. I don't really like the shove but I don't really see any better options (flatting AQo oop is bad, and so is 3bet-folding. Open folding AQ is also surely a non-runner). He had KK and I was gone.

Cash Session #1
Thurs night/Fri morn 3am-7am

I arrived up to the Burlo about 2am and dropped the bags off. By 3am I was down in the poker room ready for my first session. I sat into a 1-2 NLHE game. My first hand of note I pick up aces and 3 bet a C/O open from the BB. The original opener folds but the SB hangs around. The flop comes perfect - A88. I play it slow and somehow don't manage to double up. He flats my bet on the river and shows an 8! Obviously if I bet the flop we prob get it in, but against his range, there's almost no point betting on that board. The board blanked out so even on the river I can't believe he's not willing to get it in! Anyway I couldn't believe I didn't win a bigger pot there but it was still nice to get off to a good start. That game broke fairly early so I decided to sit into a 1-2 PLO game.

I started off badly losing my first two bullets. The first went after I shoved pf with AKQ7ds and lost a race against a run-down hand (can't remember exactly J986 or something). There was dead money in the pot, and the way the game was playing, I was happy with my shove. The next bullet went when I check raised Q977 with a fd on a T83 flop. I check raised for something like 170 and had 120 behind. The player just flat called so I obviously shoved the blank turn. He ended up calling and the river came a blank. He said he missed but unfortunately his miss was better than my miss. He had J994 for a pocket pair of nines which beat my pocket pair of sevens! Thankfully, I managed to undo these two hands by having my aces hold in a 3 way pot. A short stack raised pf and got a few calls. I managed to get about 40% of my stack in with AA67ss and got the shove from the short stack and a flat call. The flop came 953 with a fd and I jammed. I got called and the board ran out pairing the board and completing the flush draw. Thankfully, the aces held against the KKJJ of the short stack and the other player mucked. Following this, things quietened down a little. A new player joined the game around 6am and the game started playing a bit bigger. One hand I bet-folded top two on a Q932 flop after the flop was checked. I wasn't sure I was making a good fold, but thankfully I was shown 33. Following that hand, I decided to call it a night. The game was still good, but I decided to take the lower variance route and just leave. The game was playing quite big at this stage so I decided I didn't want to risk doing half my tank in a good game, when there could be better games throughout the weekend. I finished the session, got the obligatory 'breakfast-before-bed' (I'm coining this, the BbB), and slept till about 4pm the next day.

Cash Session #2
Fri night 6pm-10pm

My second cash session of the trip started very well. My aces managed to hold again in a medium-sized pot and I won a few other decent hands I can't remember. I played a huge pot at one stage with KKJT on K79 flop. The turn came the 8 and I got check raised. I shoved and we got it in. We were both probably the deepest at the table so the pot was big. I was obviously hoping for the total freeroll but unfortunately was up against JT99 with a flush draw! Talk about two monster hands!

After doing some business, the flush draw filled on the river and I think I ended up losing about €100. The deal was we took back most of the money and played for what was in the pot. I'm not sure if the initial turn bet  was included in the pot, but after counting my stack after, I think it was roughly a net loss of €100. He probably would have accepted a total-split without seeing the river, so in one way I cost myself €100 but obviously no deal meant losing an almost 2k pot!

The session ended badly and I managed to lose a pot with a big wrap vs an OESD vs two pair. I can't remember the exact hands, but I think I had KJTx on a Q958 board. The shorter stack had the bare JT and the bigger stack had 85xx. The river came an 8 and I got slowrolled for the whole pot. It's kinda frustrating when you think you're probably freerolling on the turn, then seeing the board pair, then thinking you split the main pot and win the side, and then see that you actually lose it all! I decided to end the session shortly after that up €170.
The bottom line was similar to the session the previous night, but the proverbial graph was obviously a bit different. Either way, I was quite happy with my play in both sessions so was looking forward to the rest of the weekend.

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