Monday, 27 February 2012

UKIPT Galway and the Super Poker Event

So unfortunately, things have been pretty quiet and pretty uneventful lately. I've played two tourneys since my last post and I also played my first cash sessions of the new year.

I didn't play any cash in January but came back with a bang in February. The first session recorded was a one figure win (a fiver) and in the second session, I won SEVEN TIMES THAT! (that's 35 euro for those of you that did pass maths). The run continued and I brought my winning streak to 4 sessions in a row (thankfully #3 and #4 were in the 3-digit range). All streaks have to end sometime and this one ended with me losing a ~€1300 pot. It was a bit of a gross one (4 way action, 10d8d on a 9dJsKd, turn came a queen, got all the monies in, up against AdJd, Q9o (and a hand that was mucked before showdown) and the river came a ten) but I can't complain. I've been experiencing the nicer side of variance in the cash games recently and long may it continue! I haven't been playing every night, but any night I have played, the games have been pretty decent. 1-2-5 ROE or sometimes just PLO, with a decent bit of money on the table. They're not huge games by any means, but there's definitely enough money there to make it worth going in.

As for the tournaments, I played the first stop of season 3 of the UKIPT in Galway and also the Super duper fantastic unbelievable stupendous Poker Event of Europe (SDFUSPEOE for short).

The story of not being able to get anything going continued in these events. Things were pretty quiet to start in Galway and my first table broke early. Things continued to be quiet at my new table until I lost a race with 77 v KJ to bring me from 16k to 11k. I recovered from this and managed to build back up to around 15k (starting stack) before moving tables again. My new table had Padraig Parkinson on it and also Thomas Finnernan who was on my direct right. Things didn't really pick up and I struggled. I didn't hit any hands and any time I took a stab at a pot, it didn't work out. I dropped to 10k before finally getting it in blind v blind. My final hand I limp in the SB with 9h7h (blinds 200-400). The flop comes Kx7x4h. I check-call and the turn comes a blank heart. I check and the BB bets 1500. I have 7k in my stack now (he just bet 1500 into a ~2300 pot) and it looks like a pretty decent spot to shove. I think I'm getting some better sevens to fold and there's also a good chance I'm ahead, so the shove is partly for protection too. I haven't done the maths on it but I think it's a good shove. He deliberated for a while and eventually called with K2o. The river bricked and I was gonzo.

I also played the Super Poker Event this weekend. Pretty much the same story here. My table was a dream with none of them really having a clue. You'd think you'd have to accumulate chips at a table like this but again it was one of those spots where you just had to pick up hands and unfortunately I didn't. It was actually the type of table where I'd love to playing like 30xBBs at 1k-2k because you know you'd be able to run over the table and just accumulate effortlessly. When the stacks were deeper, it was still massively +EV obviously but you still sorta had to hit hands. Anyway, I didn't play any major pots and with the 30 min blinds, things got big pretty quickly. At 200-400 I eventually got 7k of my 11k in blind v blind with 99 v AK and lost that. I was left with 4k and the blinds had gone up to 300-600 before I got a chance to shove. I shoved A9 from the cutoff and ran into the buttons aces. GG.

So two more live tournaments with pretty much nothing to report on. I busted both before the 400-800 level and never really got higher than 20k from a 15k starting stack. That's live tournament poker I guess, most of the time it doesn't really go well! I'm happy with my play in both so I suppose that's the main thing. Busting early in non-spectacular fashion is frustrating as you feel you could have done more (at least busting in a 200BB pot set over set or aces v kings etc. you know you played it right). That said, I feel that's more a case of hindsight being 20-20. You can't force things early in MTTs (often you just get yourself in -EV spots or needlessly high variance spots) so I think I just have to have a bit of faith in my game and put it down to the quiet side of variance.

Looking forward, I think there's a bit of a break on the festival front. The Western Open is next weekend but Mayo is like a 3+ hour drive so I really can't see myself going to that. The Student Masters is back March 10th so I'll definitely be trying to defend my title in that! After that you have the JP Masters with the Irish Open following a month after. I don't know if I'll be playing the Irish Open main event but I will definitely be at the Burlington that weekend. I don't care if I'm only going up to play cash games, it would be cynical not to be at the event.

I'm pretty tired so I'm gona leave it there for now. There was some other stuff I wanted to discuss but I don't feel at my literary best so it'd probably come across as rambly and incoherent (as opposed to the usual Shakespeare-esque style of my writing!).

On that note, I'll leave you with a Hamlet quote:

" There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so"


  1. 90 minute max from Limerick to Castlebar

  2. a weeks worth of 'socialising' is taking it's toll so it's probably a good thing I didn't go!