Tuesday, 6 December 2011

As we approach the end of the year...

I won't quite do the full year review post just yet. I'll save that for a bit later in the month, coupled with the 'aims for 2012' post! Right now, I think it's just time for a brief update on how the poker has been going.

It's been pretty quiet the last month for me. There were two games in Dublin since my last post, JP's mini WSOP and the Fitzwilliam festival, but I ended up skipping both. It was a mixture of not wanting to embrace the variance of tournament poker whilst on a downswing and also having other things to do. Primarily though, I just felt it was better to stick to low variance options until I got a bit of confidence back and hopefully won a bit of money back.

Unfortunately, sticking to the slightly lower variance cash games has not worked out very well. It's quite annoying too, because the games in Limerick have been really good lately. It definitely goes in cycles, you'll have weeks at a time where the best game you'll get is a 6 handed NLHE game where the average stack is €150, then other times you'll get ROE games with waiting lists and huge action! The games have been good, but unfortunately my results have not been. I was involved in a lot of big pots and didn't really win any of them. Most of them were classic omaha hands where it's set vs wrap/flush draw. The biggest pot I played was a €1500 pot which I lost. I had 578T with a flush draw on a 489 board. The SB had potted it pre, and led for the pot (€175) on the flop. I decided I had to shove (approx €500 total) and the button woke up with 99xx behind me. After the button shoved I assumed I had to be in bad shape as my flush draw probably wasn't live, and hitting two pair was probably useless. As it happened, the SB had TJJQ with no flush draw and the button had 99xx and I was in decent shape (35% or so). The TJJQ got there and scooped the lot. I've played a few other bizarre hands the last few weeks (one where a guy called my pot bet on the turn with QQQx on a paired board and rivered a queen) but there's not much point in giving a run down of all the pots I lost!

Despite missing the two bigger MTTs this month, I did manage to play one - the €250 winter festival main event in The Poker Lounge in Waterford. The main event got 50 runners giving a first prize of €4500. I ended up busting in 16th losing a pot for double the average stack. The blinds were 1k-2k and Tommy Walsh made it 5k in MP. I 3bet the button to 13k with TT (playing ~50k, Tommy had me covered). Tommy called and shoved the 89x flop. I call and he turns up JT. The jack comes and I'm gone. Needless to say, if I win that pot I'm very confident of cashing and hopefully winning the tournament. Despite this being one of the smaller tournaments, that pot was still worth at least €1k in equity and it's still frustrating to lose. Sometimes it gets to a point where the amount doesn't even matter, you just get sick of losing and need to win one. I'm getting to that stage where I just need to break the cycle with some sort of decent win and hopefully kick on from there.

It's coming to the end of the year and I'm looking forward to 2012. 2011 has been an interesting year and I'm looking forward to giving my full review on it. The year isn't over yet though, and there is still some stuff to do between now and December 31st!

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