Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Cashless in Cork

The week long poker experience in Cork did not go to plan. 5 days, 4 tournaments, 3 Chinese buffets and a bubble later, and I have very little to show for my week at Macau!

It started on Tuesday night when I headed down for the €275 6max. The tournament was quite uneventful and I ended up busting fairly early. Start the week as you plan to finish it! So at 10pm, not needing to be back until 9pm the next night, I decided to just make the ~1hr20min trek home. I managed to make it home just in time to catch the first episode of the UKIPT coverage of the Cork event. The first episode contained coverage of playing from 600 players down to 80. I did manage to have a 2 second cameo appearance along with my name being listed on chip count lists a few times. Oh the life of a TV star!

I head back to the Macau Wednesday night for the €330 PLO tournament. 17 players showed up and it's probably the most densely populated field of good players that I've played with in a tournament. I started out fairly well and got to the final table as chip leader. With about 5 left I made a bad read and ran into Chris Dowling's quads. This brought me from 90k down to 55k (which was about average).
4 handed, I got involved in a big pot blind v blind. The flop went check-check and I then turn two pair + second nut flush draw. Alex Lopez leads into me and I reraise pot (leaving myself with only 20k behind). There's about 100k in the pot after Alex decides to flat. The river brings the other flush (and a straight) and Alex pushes. It's a sick spot but all I have is top two, and he's pretty much never bluffing here. It's a pretty easy fold but it's still so sick when there's over 100k out there and you're folding to leave yourself with the starting stack with 4 left.

Nicky Power busted the next hand leaving us 3 handed and on the bubble, with me having 20k, and Chris and Alex having around 150k each. There was some debate at the start about whether there should be 2 or 3 prizes, but as Ken Corkery put it "look, there's going be at least 3 prizes coz they always burst the bubble. To be honest, I'd bet there'll probably be 4". Stellar read by Ken as always.

The bubble didn't last too long anyway as on the first hand I manage to get it in with A7xx on an A78 board having committed half my chips pre. Luckily, both Chris and Alex completely miss the board and my hand holds up, doubling me up to 50k chips. Alex raises pf the next hand and I decide to go with my 779T. I run into Alex's KKxx and despite a bit of a sweat I can't out run the kings. The two lads split it up and play for the trophy which Alex goes on to win.

I was staying at Alex's house for the week and I actually convinced him to play the omaha tournament. Despite being semi-retired now, he still seems to remember how to run good at omaha. He was previously a mid-high stakes reg on most of the European sites and also came 2nd at the 2010 PLO event at the Irish Open. He also (in)famously sat down at 100-200 PLO with Brian Townsend. Townsend knew "the prof" had game though, so sat out and refused to play him!

Next up on the schedule was Day 1A of the €550 Main event. This post is long enough already so I think I'm gona leave it there and continue soon. The Unibet Open starts tomorrow so I may not have part two of this blog up until after then. Either way, lots of writing, lots of updates and lots of poker to be discussed!

Also, you can follow me on twitter @Jam_Fly if you want chip counts etc from any tournies I play.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Bit of everything

Felt it was a bit too long to go without an update but still didn't have toooooo much to talk about...

 Last time I posted was just before I headed off on holidays. Very enjoyable trip. Other than betting on every Irishman (except Darren Clarke obviously) to win the Open, there was no gambling or poker for the two weeks. I was kept entertained however, as I got to see Eoghan O'Dea make the November nine. ESPN showed live coverage (30min delay and you'd get to see hole cards after the hand) of the main event which was class. There aren't enough superlatives to describe how brilliant it is to have an Irishman at THE final table. The only way it could be topped is if he goes and wins the thing, and at this point in time, he has to be the favourite. I can't really say any more than what has already been said about this, so I'll just leave it with a "Best of fucking luck Eoghan O'Dea!!!".

I also read some of the updates from the Waterford Masters when I was gone. Was great to see both Liam and Carrie cashing. You also have to be delighted for Jason Tompkins winning it. I was looking forward to having a bit of a sweat with Jason in Vegas this year, but due to ill health, he couldn't travel. Needless to say, coming back with a bang with a win in your first tournament isn't a bad way to go!

While we're talking about tourney results, I also have to give a big congratulations to Fintan Gavin, the 2011 UKIPT Edinburgh champion! Fintan's obviously known as a bit of a character so I look forward to watching this final table on TV!

I have been playing a good bit since returning home. The cash games in Limerick have been good so I've been logging the hours. I've played 9 times in the last two weeks, and to give you an idea of the size of the games, I experienced both my two biggest winning nights, and my two biggest losing nights in that period! One of these nights, I witnessed one of these mystical players that I didn't think really existed. A guy sat down after coming from the black jack table and proceeded to play every hand, calling down with almost anything. Now you often say this describing a LAG player, but this guy, literally, called with anything. It was honestly like nothing I'd seen before at a poker table. Unfortunately, my hands didn't quite hold up so I ended up a big loser that night! But as the saying goes, that's poker. Can't complain when there are still games and players like that knocking around the place.

One thing I will mention while I'm on it though, is people either complaining/insulting/educating players like this. The guy obviously isn't a serious poker player and is playing for entertainment. Chances are, he's happy enough to have a good time, have a bit of a gamble and lose the money. I'll never understand people that insult bad players (after getting sucked out on, I can somewhat understand it, but after winning a pot, complaining about how badly your opponent played the hand....please explain that one to me). Anyway, I just think it's something aspiring players should really take note of. Let the bad players lose their money if they so please and try to make sure they have a good time while they're doing it. It will make them more likely to come back if they enjoy the game.

I've pretty much played zero online in the last month. I think I played a few satelittes alright but that's about it. I did play a sat to the Macau main event in Fitzpatricks though and won a ticket. It was a €50+5 with 1 rebuy so I managed to win one of three tickets there. Good game where I played well and won my races. My super-sat strategy was a little bit rusty and I think I may have made an error or two on the bubble.

I'll be heading down to Cork later on today and I think I'll be staying for the rest of the week . There's 3 events I'm definitely playing (€275 6max, €330 PLO and €550 M.E.) and  plenty of other tourneys (€100 turbos etc.) and cash games to keep me occupied. The weekend after this, is the €1650 Unibet Open which is a big one I'm definitely looking forward to. Should be a busy few weeks, and I'm really looking forward to it all. I'm very happy with my game right now and feel very comfortable and confident. Hopefully the next blog title will read "3 wins from 3 tournaments, no big deal...".

Last thing I'll mention before I finish is that I believe tonight will be my TV debut. The Cork UKIPT is on channel 4 at about midnight tonight. I think it's mostly day 1 in the first episode, so don't expect to see too much of me tonight. The final table should be next week and the week after though, so tune in then to see all my bluffs going wrong!