Friday, 15 July 2011


Things haven't gone great since the last update. I lost a good chunk online the night before the Killarney game so I wasn't really in the mood to go down for the tournament. However, I did get a call from Paul Carr at about midnight telling me there's a 5-10 PLO game running and I should definitely come down. Despite having slight suspicions about his claims, I decided to head down anyway. I definitely wasn't going to sleep and I definitely wasn't in the mood to log another online session, so I said "why not, nothing better to do, I'll head down!".

I arrived down about 1.30am and proceed to play brutally in a 1-2 cash game. My head just wasn't there and I was playing undisciplined and quite frankly, bad poker. The game came to an end about 9am and I was a small winner. Given the mood I was in, I obviously did a blind flip with Paul at the end of the session to cost me the profit plus a bit more. If poker just got rid of the whole 'looking at your cards' nonsense, that guy would definitely have about 16 bracelets at this stage.

I also travelled up to Galway to play the Eglinton's end of month €150 game. I never really got anything going and busted fairly early. Those EOM casino games are unique ones to play. Usually, if you're playing at a table with 9 strangers, it's at a deep stacked tournament and you have a a few hours to adjust and pick up on their tendencies. However, when you're playing a relatively quick structured game against people you don't play with regularly, you often have to play a pot early before you get a real grip on the table. This happened to me and I lost some chips calling when I should have been folding, and folding when I should have been shipping! I eventually bust squeezing with QJs and running into AT.

I played a cash game after and again I played quite badly, more impatience and indiscipline. I was fortunate to hit some draws and get paid off. I ended up winning enough to cover the tournament buy-in and also a small bit of profit. Nothing huge, but I guess you have to happy with any win when you're not playing your best!

Online, I haven't really been playing much. I've been trying some satelittes on Stars for Edinburgh and some EPTs but haven't had much luck. I bubbled for a €530 Barcelona sat ticket and that has been the extent of my satelitte results of late! Definitely gona keep plugging away at them and hopefully bink an EPT package.

Today, I'm heading away to America for a 2 week holiday. Definitely disappointed that I'm missing so many good tournaments but I guess I could also do with the break! Some time to recharge the batteries is certainly needed. I'll be reading a bit and working on my game while away so I hope to return in August with a clear head ready to get some results! Some tasty tournaments on in August so I'm definitely hoping to run good when I get back and hopefully take one of them down!

All that's left to say is best of luck to all the Irish left in the main event! Take it down!

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  1. Sounds like your well on the road to busto